Saturday, April 21, 2012

A new Bed for Hayden

So if you haven't noticed - I just adore Ana White I have built so many projects.  My latest was my biggest!

Here is the final project!  I used these plans.

It's amazing that this can turn into the photo above! Here is all my 3/4 inch cabinet grade plywood ripped into their individual widths.  It was about $200 in lumber. I was so proud - during this project I overcame my fear of the circular saw - it's now my new BFF!!

Here are the 1x2 and 1x3's.  And the 1/4 inch is under there too ripped to the right width. Don't mind the crazy dirty, unorganized garage. After this project it got a make-over!

Starting to see progress!!!!  It all came together! It's built - just needs to be sanded and primed and painted.  What was entertaining is I was a WHOLE SHEET SHORT!!!  I only accounted for one tall tower - I didn't double it - so I found pieces floating around and made it work.  That piece on the far right - yup - that was a mis-cut piece of MDF left over from yet another project!

Yup - messed up the footboard too - I couldn't get it to work - because I was short. So I improvised with beadboard - and I am in love with it!

What's crazy is I took one of the busiest times at work (I work full-time with three little kids), to build this when I got home. It was something I could have control over.

I need to start liking this stage better - but I just don't yet. The painting. I did buy a Wagner sprayer- it worked pretty well. Ask me how the 2nd time goes though - to see if I cleaned it well enough.

I set up shop on a windy (don't recommend a windy day to use a power sprayer!).

I set up a sheet and had a roller and brush on hand - and was able to get 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint on in that day.

Then the assembly part!!!  Everytime I go in Hay's room I smile with accomplishment! I did it - and I did it all by myself (with the exception of the actual moving of the furniture!)

Hay plays more in her room than ever - now that she can find all her toys!

I adore Ana White!!! I built the caddy from her site too. I built 7 last easter.

The letters, and accessory pieces on to of the middle, all came from Hobby Lobby.

The bedding came from Target, and the baskets came from Joann's.

Here is how the footboard came out being "cobbled" together from leftover bead-board and 1x2;s and 1x3's!

My husband picked out this molding - it was a nice extra touch! (I should probably fill my nail holes)

There is so much storage - her jewelry, stuffed animals, nick-nacks. I love it

I also built the dress-up center for Hay's birthday last year.

I made 5 of these doll beds for Christmas.

Tried to get the whole shot in the mirror.

The project was so worth it!

Overall I think the room cost me around $500 - this included crown for the whole room, new bedding, accessories including almost 10 baskets.  I think that's a good price for a whole new room!


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