Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog Swap

I am participating in Homemaker on a Dime's Blog swap again. What a great idea!

J&J Home - I love her home office space!!!

Over at Seven one Six - I became her 100th follower :) Check out her Apothecary jars - I need to make myself some of these!

Crafty Hearts Warm Homes has this awesome Hutch showing, before, during and after! I need to buy some furniture - shhhh - don't tell my husband!

Can't wait to see what other new BLOGS pop up!

DIY Goal Posts


We are getting ready for a birthday/super bowl party. I thought what better decoration than Goal Posts on our food table! I wanted an inexpensive decoration, because I am all about being thrifty. So we are at Home Depot – my new favorite store. And I walk buy this then PVC piping. PERFECT!!!!

So I pick up 4 pieces – 2 feet long, and I think they were ¾ inch. So I went over to the joints….And thankfully someone came up to me and told me I was looking in the wrong spot. So he gave me a two 90 degree joints, and a T one. They fit perfect. Then I ran back over and got yellow spray paint. The total was about $8 – and that was with a lot more spray paint than I will ever need. The piping was only like $5 I think.

So – I took one of the tubes, cut it in half. And then assembled it. Then my husband asked – how are you going to make it stand….hmmm…good question! So I got a 2x4 I had laying around, cut it in about 6 inch sections (3 of them), and drilled a hole with the only hole bit I could find. It fit – but was a little big – so I improvised, took a baby wipe, and put it on the bottom and put it in the whole – PERFECT!!!

Next week I’ll have pictures up of what it looks like as part of the party theme. But I wanted to get it out for all of those who want a cheap, cute decoration for your super bowl parties. I am going to hang a banner that says “Game Time” between the posts.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meet our newest addition

I wanted to share some pictures of our latest addition! We are now a family of 7 (2 of us, 3 kids, two dogs - a new golden and an 11 year old Husky).

Meet Lincoln!!! He fits in well with our crazy family!

I Heart Faces - Best Face Photo

Here is my weekly entry over at I Heart Faces. This week's is Best Face Photo.

Here is my entry - we just gave my little man a Mohawk - and his face was priceless!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunday Seven Spotlight

Joy's Hope has this cute tutorial on how to make these adorable stands!
I Heart Nap Time has this adorable gift idea here.

Prudently Painted Vintage has this super cute Pottery Barn Copy Chair - check out her tutorial, I need to start hunting!
Fabulessly Crafty has this super sweet v-day mailbox - we have all seen the target ones in the $1 spot - but - she made it so cute!
Cleverly Inspired has this totally cute frame turned tray. I wanted to make sure I showed it off because I am totally in the process of doing one myself!
Over at Beanie G - Eileen shows you how to make a pin wheel quilt - I seriously need to learn how to quilt (like I need another hobby!)
Cassity over at Remodelaholic Featured View Along The Way and her unbelievable Dining Room here. This picture alone doesn't do it justice - please go check it out - WOW. Love her site!

Turkey and Veggie Panini

Meet my friend - my Cuisinart Griddler! I am in L-O-V-E Love! My cousin got one, and couldn't stop talking about it. I am hosting two parties in February - one of which I am going to have soup and hot sandwiches. I used a foreman for the longest time - but - I could only do one at a time - with 5 people that eat 5 full size sandwiches - I would eat when the last person was done. hmmm - don't like that idea. And serving for a party - there would be a train behind me.

So - out comes my melt down! I take my almost 3 year old with me to go shopping. By the 3rd store she is close to an over tired meltdown. But - I am determined to find a Panini maker - any one - there was not one to be found :( I went back defeated and close to tears. Hey - I am a girl - I can overreact about things - right. So I do have a meltdown - and call a bunch of stores - before i just put the kids down - and run out to find one at the mall (Yes my husband was home - didn't leave the kids to fend for themselves, but that would have made for an entertaining story).

Anyways - Ahhhhhhh - here she is!!! Found her at JC Penny's. When dear hubby asked how much it was - I told him "My Sanity". No more questions asked after that. (He'll see it on the credit card bill).

OK - enough of my ramblings - onto my yummy creation.
Meet my friend the steamer bag - love it - so easy - no need to pile on butter and oil to get cooked up.
First I put in Mushrooms.

Then a green pepper and spinach.

A Zucchini (wish the there in season - this one looks pathetic). Then steamed it for like 4 minutes so they were "Sauteed"

Ahh - the bread - Rosemary Focaccia yummy!

Then I cut diagonally and put EVOO on it.

Then a little Honey Dijon Ranch....

Layered Turkey, veggies, and topped with some fresh mozzerella. Put the ranch on the top and bottom of the inside of the bread.

Top with EVOO too.

Put it in the FABULOUS Griddler

OK - doesn't it look ooeey gooey good!!!!!! OH yeah - there is a tomato on there too - see it?

YUMMY - Del-cio-so

Friday, January 28, 2011

Panini Dinner

I wish I had a picture - but I ate it to fast. I have a turkey panini for dinner and I had to share.

I had left over Focaccia Bread. Cut it diagonally.

Put butter on the side down towards grill.

Layers Turkey, then cheese (used cheddar), with a tomato on top.

Then put Gray Po-pon or however you spell it.

Then butter on the top. my awesome new panini maker.

WOW - yummy - that mustard gave it the right amount of tang.

Swap Followers

Over at Homemaker on a Dime SJ has a great idea to help out new blogs get more followers, hosting a :

What a great idea. You follow a couple people, let them know, and talk a little about each site, and gain new followers in the mean time. Love it.
So here are some of the awesome sites I stumbled upon there.
DIY By Design has a great tutorial on making a corkboard..I am now your newest follower :)
Over at Our Forever Home has a really cute converation cone - I am now her newest follower.
Pea's and Crayons has these yummy Zucchini Cheese Fries - yummy - I am your newest follower.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wedding Center Piece Ideas

My cousin as I said before is having a wedding. The candy bar that I posted here was for the same wedding. So I am looking for centerpiece options that we can make ourself, and do it for not a lot of money. You have suggestions that you have seen - or that you made - send them my way! I'll post and give credit! Let me know!!!! It's an outdoor wedding this coming summer.

Decorating Studio Look at these - looks like can's covered in glitter.

How cute and simple is this one! Intimate Wedding

I am not a simple carnation girl - but look how cute this is made! Over at LW Design

Wedding Obsession has this super cute "Green" idea.

The Wedding Contessa What a great idea - and you could scour thrift stores for different types of candle sticks - and if you wanted - spray them all a similar colors - and the same color candle sticks! CUTE!

At Starting out Savvy - how cute is this - what a great idea - the table number, flowers and a bottle of wine!

Ok - the bottom left one is perfect! Check it out over at "Hostest with the Mostest"

Do it yourself Wedding


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