Saturday, January 29, 2011

Turkey and Veggie Panini

Meet my friend - my Cuisinart Griddler! I am in L-O-V-E Love! My cousin got one, and couldn't stop talking about it. I am hosting two parties in February - one of which I am going to have soup and hot sandwiches. I used a foreman for the longest time - but - I could only do one at a time - with 5 people that eat 5 full size sandwiches - I would eat when the last person was done. hmmm - don't like that idea. And serving for a party - there would be a train behind me.

So - out comes my melt down! I take my almost 3 year old with me to go shopping. By the 3rd store she is close to an over tired meltdown. But - I am determined to find a Panini maker - any one - there was not one to be found :( I went back defeated and close to tears. Hey - I am a girl - I can overreact about things - right. So I do have a meltdown - and call a bunch of stores - before i just put the kids down - and run out to find one at the mall (Yes my husband was home - didn't leave the kids to fend for themselves, but that would have made for an entertaining story).

Anyways - Ahhhhhhh - here she is!!! Found her at JC Penny's. When dear hubby asked how much it was - I told him "My Sanity". No more questions asked after that. (He'll see it on the credit card bill).

OK - enough of my ramblings - onto my yummy creation.
Meet my friend the steamer bag - love it - so easy - no need to pile on butter and oil to get cooked up.
First I put in Mushrooms.

Then a green pepper and spinach.

A Zucchini (wish the there in season - this one looks pathetic). Then steamed it for like 4 minutes so they were "Sauteed"

Ahh - the bread - Rosemary Focaccia yummy!

Then I cut diagonally and put EVOO on it.

Then a little Honey Dijon Ranch....

Layered Turkey, veggies, and topped with some fresh mozzerella. Put the ranch on the top and bottom of the inside of the bread.

Top with EVOO too.

Put it in the FABULOUS Griddler

OK - doesn't it look ooeey gooey good!!!!!! OH yeah - there is a tomato on there too - see it?

YUMMY - Del-cio-so


  1. Mmm Looks so good!

    Thanks for Following along Carrie, glad you found me so I could folow back and see what youve got going on!

    Happy Crafting!

  2. Yummmy!!!! Thanks for following my blog! I am your newest follower. I am excited to see what else you have that Panini looks amazing!


  3. YUM! These look awesome. You've totally justified this purchase for me! ;) Will let you know how it goes when i get it!

  4. Glad I could push you over the edge Annie :) I just grilled up some burgers tonight on it!

  5. We have one too! & We love it!

    My new fave thing is a NU Wave oven though...borrowed from my mother-in-law to see if it was worth buying ourselves.

    Easy fast cooking / simple quick clean-up...yep...looks like it will be one of our VERY near future purchases.



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