Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Button Thumb Tack

These are SO easy to make! Cute little Button Thumb Tacks. Great for you and for a gift!
First - you need supplies - a couple buttons, thumbtacks and a glue gun.
Oh yeah - and some thick thread - I don't know the name - it's thinner than twine.
A jar full of buttons is always handy!
I like to make them a little more decorative. So I add the twine to button.
I tied it to one of the button. And then glued the two together.
Then glued the thumb tack to the bottom of the button.
And voila - just put them on a small piece of cork - add a little decorative piece of cardstock - and it's ready!
You can even add them to a little plastic bag - and make it more giftable.

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