Sunday, January 9, 2011

Frosted Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was going to my grandma to learn how to make a chicken pot pie from scratch, and I wanted to bring over a dessert. I was picturing those Oreo Cookie Balls - but with chocolate chip cookies. So here is what I did - and how they turned out...not what I was expecting - but super super yummy!

I cheated - totally picked up the Pillsbury Chocolate Chip cookie pre-made stuff!

Then my oldest and I got to rolling them in little balls - they all fit on one cookie sheet.
Set the timer - opened it up and this is what I saw
They look awesome - but - yeah - they don't hold there shape :) Opps -
Then I got ready made frosting, and microwaved it - for about 30 sec, then stirred, then 30 sec again, till it was really really smooth - I added some red and blue food coloring - to get this dull pink color - looked good to me! I scraped them off after I dipped them so there wasn't much on the bottom - and there was a part to pick them up that wasn't frosting:
Then - I put some white chocolate wafers in a freezer baggie - microwaved that for 20 sec, smooshed it - 20 sec again - they they were melted. I cut off the corner - super small - and put white chocolate on top.
Here is the finished cookies I brought to my Grams house - they were a hit - and SUPER yummy! And super easy Shhhh - don't tell :)

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