Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Simple Notecards

Here is a quick and dirty tutorial on how to make these Note Cards. Don't go to the store and buy cards - these are perfect for any occasion. And they are super simple to make - and you don't need a lot of tools!

I use these paper cutter - "Carl". You can use any cutter.

These are two of my favorite tools! The "Making Memories Corner Chomper" and my ALL TIME favorite - can't live without! My ATG 714 gun!!!! I use it for all paper things!Ahhh - Paper - cardstock - lots of it!
Ok - First you need to take a single sheet of 8.5 x 11 sheet of card stock. Cut it on the 11 side in half - so at 5.5 inches. You will get two cards out of one sheet. So cut two sheets - get's you 4 (how do you like my math!)

So then you get your scor tool - bone folder - super cheap - and super important - gives those nice solid lines. So - what I do is just line it up on a the cuter - fold in half - and fold it over with the bone folder. Do all 4.

OK - then get your decorative paper. One 12x12 paper should do it. Cut it at 5.5 and then at 4.25. Do this 4 times.

So you have your 4 folded cards.Tape either the decorative paper or on the cardstock.
Then put the decorative paper on the solid card stock.
Yeah - mistakes happen. Sometimes it doesn't line up. If you line it up at the top where it is folded - you can cut off any of the excess.
Then I like to round off the bottom corners (the non folded side - where it opens)
Then - to make it look pretty if you are giving it as a gift. This is about 1.5 inches wide - and I think around 10-11 inches long will do it.
Cut out some extra paper for decoration.
And ta-da - a cute set of 4 notecards with envelopes for next to nothing - great gift for teachers, friends, families, thank you's - or just because.


  1. This is very cute, i love giving note cards as gifts too! They usually always come in handy some or other time. Yours turned out really nice the way you "wrapped" 'em up. :)
    Tnx for the follow! I've followed you too, you have some interesting crafts here. :)

  2. beautiful - i love cards (writing cards) and this is a good idea for people like me



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