Friday, July 29, 2011

A dog's life

Our Golden Retriever "Puppy" (I say that loosely because a 60 lbs dog is barley a puppy) about 8 months ago.  My husband is very close with the breeder (Gotta Be Golden) and many of the other dog owners.  Last weekend we got together with 2 of his brothers and went up to the lake for a swim.  It was awesome!  Here are a few of my favorites.

There are many things I love about photography.  I love learning about my camera and what it can do, I love capturing moments, framing them, trying new things, but I love editing.  I love taking a great catch and bringing it to the next level!  Here are just a few before and after's from the above pictures.  

Next up I will post a few of the Senior pictures I took - they turned out amazing!!!!


  1. You are very talented Carrie! The photos are lovely and the dogs so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your talents and my website looks great thanks to all of your wonderful photos!
    Kathy Hearn
    Gotta Be Goldens
    Ontario, NY

  2. Beautiful dogs, and great pictures! They really are adorable; they remind me of "little" sea otters, LOL!



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