Sunday, January 29, 2012

What I learned from my 4 year old

I felt as though my middle child was neglected a little (typical of a middle child right!), so I made a date with her.  Selfishly our first stop was a photo shoot :)  Don't worry the rest of the day was all about her.

During that day I learned so much about her and myself.

So we started on our adventure to the location - she was as happy as could be.

But - then she kept stopping. And at first it drove me crazy! I was thinking to myself - Hurry Up! She kept stopping and putting her foot in the fresh snow to see her foot print, then wanting to see mine.

I stopped and thought - what am I in a hurry for? Where are we rushing too? If this day is for her - why am I rushing her through it.  Is it a race - a race to what? 

So I stopped my crazy fast pace - and just stopped. Stopped to just be - and just be with her - and learn with her in the simplicity that she sees. We were out there for about an hour or two - and her fresh prints in the snow never got old to her.

So we took our time and found our location. She marched forth with a new world surrounding her.  She soaked up everything behind her and rejoicing in what was in front of her.

She is so energetic.  She takes life by the horns.

She smiles - all the time.  She exudes happiness and joy! If you hang around her long enough - it's contagious. You can't help but smile too. 

If I had to guess, she'll keep moving forward, only to turn back to reflect on the fun that she's enjoyed, not the mistakes she has made.

She is carefree...a free spirit...

Happy - to the point where people ask me if she is ever sad.  "Does she really wake up like this" And the answer is yes.

She wakes up smiling at the world, ready to take it on.

Never bothered if someone has something negative to say to her - she just keeps marching forward. Even at 4 she is confident in who she is.

She is so small in this big world - and has taught me so much.

She continues everyday to teach me to slow down, embrace life and find the joy in the little things.

Even if it's just a foot print in the snow.

Beauty surronds me everywhere - Hay's showing me I just need to take the time to slow down and enjoy it more.


  1. What a beautiful post. I hope Hay reads this when she is older. She will be so proud. Wonderful pictures!

  2. The snow falling shots are great!! I like the tones :)



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