Saturday, October 20, 2012

Boy's Bedroom Makeover

My little man turned 3 and I wanted to update his room!

I was inspired by the storage from Kate over at Outnumbered with her toy room makeover.  Didn't she do an amazing job!

I used the following plans from Ana White - there was the Open Base and then the cubbies.

Here is a bad before - I forgot to take a before - before I started painting.

Then I got painting:

Then I finished the closet:
Here is the before.

Then I added the closet:

I added a few signs that I made with my cricut.

Then I got all the boards cut - and then painted....

Then I put it all together!

They each have the cubbies storage inside.

He has a little reading nook - I made the shelfs too - guess from who - yup - Ana White - I just made them shorter to fit.

 I made the step stool from Ana White's plans here:

I made all three sighs.  The Truck, Bus and Car, the Star Wars and the Alphabet.  I spelled out M-I-K-E-Y in orange.

I have to say - I am super proud of his room! The investment for the closet was around $120, I had paint on hand.  The investment for the storage for the toys was about $220 - that included the bins, sheets of plywood (I used cabinet grade plywood - I wanted it to last), wainscoting, the totes, hinges, and knobs.  It took a little over a week - I painted it before it was assembled, and sanded in-between each coat of primer and paint.

So let's take a look again at the Before and Afters:




  1. Wow! I'm so impressed! You did an amazing job. I found your post through Ana White. I'm getting ready to try to do custom closet systems in my kids' bedrooms and I'm researching now.

    Did you get all of your wood cut at the home improvement store or did you do the cuts yourself?

  2. Hi Sharon!
    I did half and half. I got my big long cuts done at Home Depot, then I did the cross-cuts at home with my circular saw. I set up a "jig" with a long straight edge and some clamps! Worked like a charm. Let me know if you have any other questions - it was a labor of love :)

  3. What a lovely place you've made for your little man to grow. :) With hand-built great quality storage furnishings to boot!

  4. What size is the chair rail around the room and what is measurement from the ceiling to the chair rail ??



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