Saturday, October 1, 2011

Going Digital

I was so excited to win my first giveaway!!!  And at a super fabulous site: Reverie Mine.

I won credit to The Shoppe.  I was so excited!!!!  Now - I am not a professional photographer - but I was still able to find some awesome things.  One of the items I got was Summer Breeze.  It's an engagement layout.  When you go to site's - don't feel limited to what they show you - you can do so much more!  I took their awesome layout and created a cute reminder with my daughter:

So after doing this - I realized I really liked seeing my plain images taken to the next level.  So I started looking into digital scrapbooking.  I played with it before - but that was before I knew photoshop.  So - I stumbled upon this site: Jessica Sprague with some amazing layouts - and there are a lot of freebies right now too - I recommend checking it out.

So - this is one of the pages I did. 
There are many places you can print 12x12 pages.

Or you can be super simple - I forgot where I got this layout - it was as easy as dropping the picture in! (I totally forgot where I found it - if anyone knows - I'd be happy to link back to them!)

I have started using American Crafts albums - there 12x12 D ring ones:

And these are the inserts:

I like this system - because you can have regular 4x6 pictures - or 12x12 scrapbook pages either printed like above - or using scrapbook papers.  And - I can fit almost 500 pictures in an album!  It's a great way to keep things organized yet customizable too!

If you know any great place to get digital elements - please share :)

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  1. Shabby Princess has a bunch of great free kits, You also might want to check out Kate Hadfield's blog ( She has some adorable doodles.

    I switched to digital scrapping about 7 (or so) years ago and love it. :)



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