Saturday, September 17, 2011


I sit here lately and look at my kids.  It's such a big world out there for them.

There is a long open road for them....full of possibilities. 

They can turn back and ask for guidance and see where they have been.

Or they can keep their eye's on what they want and keep moving forward

I love this picture. To me it represents that path, that road, those opportunities.  The simpler times, the peaceful times, where anything is possible. 

Children have nothing but opportunity in front of them. The world is theirs. So my question lately is does that opportunity end? When is that age where the world gets smaller and your opportunities are less?  And my conclusion is - there is no age.  Don't close those doors, don't make excuses.  Find what makes you happy, believe that it can be yours, and seize those opportunities.  

I am starting my path to find what makes me happy and surrounding myself with those opportunities. 

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