Monday, September 5, 2011

Getting ready for school

Well - we are getting ready for school.  It starts in 2 days!!!  Well - I guess with the time - tomorrow.

So we had to make sure homework was finished.  Brianna had to draw a picture.  Now with this being her first homework assignment - she got a little confused on where to do her homework - A chair looked good at the time.

Then she found a better place - with better light!  School hasn't even started - and she already looks so big and into her homework :)

Well not to be outdone!  Her sister had to partake.  She got the same sheet - got to work - and it's even hanging on the fridge.

I think these are some of my favorite to date.  I am working on my photography skills literally everday.  And I have to say - I am so happy with the memories coming out of it!

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