Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You can dress him up - but you can't take him out!

Continuing on from yesterday's post on at the park with my HayHay and Shooting into the Sun, this one is my little man - and what a boy does when he is all dressed up at the park...So - here is him all dressed up.

Then - this is him - looking - and pondering a mud puddle.

He is running away (ahhh - look at that back light...lovely)

And - it's done - the mud - the mud puddle.

Ohhh - let's see what happens when we throw a rock in....

Or maybe just lay down - take a nap in it?

Ok - now what....

Ahhhh - more rocks - that makes sense. 

Exploring the texture the puddle.

You can dress him up - but can't take him out.

"So what's it to you - I'm covered in mud!"


Well - we were done with the mud puddle - now on to the playground.

What - I can go on a slide - while covered in mud!

It was fun watching Mikey go from clean boy to big mud puddle mess in a matter of...oh - say 5 minutes. At first I looked at my husband and thought he was crazy - why would you let him go near a mud puddle - but this was perfect.  What better way to capture a boy than letting him play in a mud puddle.

I learned a lot through this day.  Yesterday's sun post - I learned shooting into the sun - well - I should say practice.  And with this - I was trying to figure out focus. He is a wiggling little boy!  I really need to practice nailing my focus, that is my next step.

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