Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Perspective

So - Day 3 - did pretty good - kitchen is still clean - ate three well balanced meals - but - the nice large glass of red wine and dark chocolate bar - may have set me back.

So - onto camera day!  I love getting out the camera - I took an obscene about of pictures tonight!  To narrow it down to like 45 isn't bad.  Tonight I was playing with perspective.  I was trying new settings and putting the camera in a perspective that I don't normally shoot at - on the ground - and then playing with the focal length.

Here are the first two I took tonight.  I pretty much shot blind and put the camera on the grass.

I really like this one - my middle holding her Lie Lie (lion) very mysterious.

One of my favorite from the night.  He looks so small in the big world.  The exposure was really good - getting the blue sky and clouds, the greens are good too.

This perspective was a little different than most of them - but this one was fun - I shot it at 18mm at my head. I know you don't normally shoot someone so close at 18mm because it distorts them - but - I kind of like that he looks distorted - adds to the charm.

The one on the left I think is fun - Mikey is out of focus in the far right hand corner.  The wrong thing is in focus - I like it.

This is fun too - at first I was upset that the corner of the picnic table was in the picture - but it gives the picture depth - I like....

Adding perspective with my kids at this age shows a big picture - makes them look so small in this big world.

I like this one - it's a lot closer - it was probably at 105mm from where I was vs. the 18-35mm that I was shooting at most of the time.  But - it gives yet another perspective.

Don't ask - I really love feet.  I like that the grass up close is in focus - and she is slightly out of focus.

This to me shows how small and crazy my little munchkins are! 

This looks dreamy to me - the tree's framing our free curb side swing. She is tucking in her lie lie (lion stuffed animal).  So sweet - innocent.  

On to the swingset!  I have a ton of pictures of them on the swings - but not from this vantage point.


The one on the right seems so pure to me....

Love this.....

At one point he was sitting in the truck - I missed this shot though.

This one makes me smile - I kind of like the totally out of focus of everything but the grass in front. 

A lost army man found in the sandbox.

This one if you don't look close - you'd miss my little man - but here's there - tiny in this big world!

I am having a lot of fun playing with my camera.  And I got a new lens - coming in the mail soon!!!

This spontaneous exercise really taught me to stop - and look at things from a different angle.  Not just with a camera in my hand - but with life in general.

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