Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 1....to healthy living

Well I was relatively motivated by pondering yesterday.  I pledged to start living a more healthy life for me and my family (or is it my family and I?).

So - when all my children awoke at 9:30-10:00am - yes - they slept that late....I'd say they were a little wore out from our vacation!  Well - anyways - I went downstairs and had a conniption when I walked into my kitchen.  I started throwing things - literally - slamming doors - being angry and annoyed....ahh - the joys of being a stressed woman :)  I first apologized to my husband and then thought about the pondering I did yesterday and decided to start today.

Long story short - I spent 6 hours cleaning my kitchen.  I went through every cabinet, every drawer - I scrubbed the floor with a mop and then on my hands and knees.  I cleaned the baseboards, washed the tables, 409'd the counters.  Threw out 4 garbage bags full of junk from there.  I then worked my way into the dining room, family room, play room.  I still have a few areas to do - but for the most part - it's clean. My husband said I deserved to go out to eat.  I don't know what reward there is for taking 3 still overtired kids out to a noisy restaurant - but all and all - they did good and the food was good.

We tag teamed grocery shoppintg - husband went with kid 1 and kid 3 to BJ's - I took kid 2 to the grocery store.  I planned out a weeks worth of real meals!

And - when I walked into the houseI had an overwhelming feeling of calm.  I like how a clean house makes me feel.  So - now with my nice tall glass of wine - and chocolate bar - I will sit and chill and watch a movie - well - ok - probably surf too - I can't just sit here!

And - for a picture:

This is of my three chillins chillin on the beach - this is what life is - this is what it is about - peaceful, relaxing - family....I want to be healthier for them.

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  1. There is NOTHING better than a clean and organized space!! Good for u!



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