Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pure Joy

So - this weekend I let the kids just go wild in the backyard with the hose.

As I sat here looking through the gobs - yes I said gobs - of pictures I took, I found that the majority of the ones were of my middle child - Hayhay.....And below - you will see why - look at this expression!

That my friends is called pure joy!!!!!!!!

The best way to describe this child is infectious! She has this power - the power to infect you with her feelings.  When she is experiencing joy - it is pure joy.  You see it in every being of her body.

Yes there is smiling and laughing - there is playing and being a kid.  But with Hay - there is something that consumes you and you can't help feel what she feels.  Her smile is contagious, her laughter is infectious!  When she feels joy - you feel joy - and when she is hurt - you can't help but cry.  Her emotions are so raw.

One of my favorite things about capturing the memories from this day - is capturing that innocence of my children playing with a simple hose - and the sheer joy it can bring to their heart - and mine!

 Don't wait for birthday's and holiday's to get those memories of your children.  Capture them all!

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  1. So cute! She was obviously enjoying this a lot!!



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