Monday, August 8, 2011


I guess I have a lot of things to ponder.......
Hey, the results are in, amigo! What's left to ponder?

Sorry - I was channeling my inner Zoolander there for a minute....

But - as I sit and ponder (sorry - can't say that word without laughing!!!) about life - and all it has 
to offer - I sit and look at everything.  And - yes - another birthday is around the corner - 
and that always has me re-evaluating where I am and where I want to be....

I think about what I want to accomplish this coming year.  I think the first thing I want is to 
create a more healthy and happier home for my family.  Is it strange to say I want to clean
more?  But - I want to clean, prepare better meals (ok - prepare meals in general) and 
create the home my family deserves.  

And I also want to delve further into photography - really understand the aspects.  I think I
am going to challenge myself to really understand getting proper exposure right off the bat,
and take a few classes.

And - a post isn't a post without a picture.  Here is a picture of my oldest running through the 
streets of Boston - I love it for a lot of reasons - the water creating a dull background to
really make her clear and pop....Beautiful!

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