Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Birthday - to me....Day 2

I should have started today - so I could remember what day I started - but - I love jumping the gun!

Well - day 2 - my kitchen is still spotless - despite those three little rug rats always trying to mess up my tupperware cupboard!!!

And we also ate well - I had fruit and cottage cheese for breakfast - we sat and ate sandwiches and salads as a family for lunch - and a homemade meal with veggies for dinner.  Success - so I splurged on a piece of birthday cake - how could I say no to a cake my mom and girls made!

I leave you with this peaceful image of my daughter on the beach:

1 comment:

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wishing you Leo girl a very wonderful new year of life! Your little daughter is adorable, I wish I had little daughters too! I do have grandgirls like yours now. Thank you for sharing.....and many moreeeee.....hugs, FABBY



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