Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Craft Room re-do - sewing section

Here is a sneak peak to see what it went from and what it went to. 

So let's embarrass  myself for a moment - shall we....This is my before basement.  Yes - can you believe I was able to do anything creative in this space!

There used to be another table here - I moved it before I took the before pictures.

So - on to the afters.....

The big piece of furniture is actually my kids changing table. I turned the other piece of furniture into the dressing center here.

I moved it into this section for a prettier storage solution.  I think eventually I am going to paint it a fun color and make it pop out a little more.  I am storing all of my finished crafts in it - I'll go into that in a little more detail in a minute.

I got this at Michaels when those Jet Max stuff is 50% off.  Stores all my everyday items in it. 
On these shelves I have the photo box storage.  I have items like glue gun, embroidery threads, cut out papers from the cricut, random stuff.

I have three of these.  They are all labeled.  Makers, stickers, glues, office supplies, notebooks, ect. 

Here are some other images.  The first image is most of my sewing stuff.  I have the plastic storage with drawers.  There are sewing accessories, needles, scissors.  There are started project, pins, ect. (You can see in the corner by the changing table I have my ironing board, hanging on it is a bag with the the Iron and startch). 

Here you can see the photo boxes.  And then the other picture is all my ideas - binders full of ideas, books and magazines. 

The piece of wood with all my thread - I made that a while ago - should probably paint it - but it is already screwed to the wall.  Then there are all my jet max cubes with paper and paper supplies in them. 

A) All my buttons in jars - sorted by color - or close to it
B) Storage in the dresser - they are smaller drawers to hold items.
C) The Photo Boxes
D) More Buttoms
E) Pins in a jar
F) Beads in a jar
G) More storage
H) Prima flowers in a cute jar

Here are some of the finished items on the dresser.

Hope you like my basement craft room.  It isn't my dream craft room - but for under $100 to transform my space - I'll take it!  Be sure to check out the other area that I did in my craft room here.

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  1. wow! that's a great space for being creative!
    The basement is on my to do list in July when it's too hot to work on projects outside. :)

  2. I'd love to have a space like that.:)

  3. Hurray!! It looks wonderful. I'm so envious that you have such a great space to craft. We don't have a basement. :s Thanks so much for the visit today. :)

  4. AMAZING transformation! Im your newest follower:) I would LOVE to have you follow me:)

    I would LOVE to have you link up to my PARTY! WHASSUP WEDNESDAY!!

    And I have a party button you can grab and put on your blog so your friends can come too:)





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