Saturday, April 9, 2011

Personalized Baby Blanket

Do you want to learn how to sew a custom blanket for someone?
First I cut out the letters.  You can do it a couple ways.  If you have a die cutting machine, you can use that (i'll do a tutorial on that later).  My blade is getting dull - so I cut out the letters on Freezer paper on my Cricut, then ironed it on to my fabric - and cut them out.

Line them up on your blanket.

Then grab your Heat N' Bond.  This stuff is awesome!

You iron it on to the letters.  I cut mine into small strips - just enough to secure it to the blanket with out having to use pins.

Now - before you iron on the letters - make sure you peel off the white part.

Then line them up and grab your Iron.

Iron them on nice and good. 

Next - get the thread that you are going to want to sew the letters on to the blanket.

Set your machine.  You are going to want Zig Zag - and a tight stitch - probably 1 or 2. 

You are also going to want the widest width - mine was done at 5. 

Then line up needle so the right side where the needle goes down is right on the outside of the letter and the blanket.   You are going to just outline the letter with your zig zag stitch.

Now - when you are getting to a corner.  Keep your needle down, lift up your foot, and rotate, put down the foot, and then continue sewing.  Just like you do when sewing your blanket and you get to a corner. 

When you are done sewing your letters on - sew it like you would a blanket.  Remembering to leave an opening to flip it inside out.  And check and double check your right sides are together.

Pin your corners well.  Minky can be slippery. 

I pinned mine right on my ironing board because it was a smaller blanket.  I just went across the top, and then down the sides.   You will sew around the outside - trim the corners - then top stitch - just like my other baby blanket tutorial here.

Now - brace yourself.  I finished sewing and noticed a BIG FAIL - I started laughing and thought - wow - this is so typical of me!  See anything wrong with this picture!

Yeah - my a is totally backwards!!!!  Actually - it's upside down - so - when you are ironing and then sewing - double check all your letters and placement.  This is for my new baby niece for her baptism this weekend.  My brother can just laugh at me :)

Here is the up close detail of the letters.

Let's on the good one - that I didn't line the letters up the wrong way.

Hope you will take on a project like this - they come out super cute and aren't that bad to make.  I used flannel on one side - and a minky side on the other.

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  1. Where can you buy Minky? I made taggie blankets for a gift and couldn't find it anywhere. Thanks for the ideas on your blog.

  2. You did a beautiful job on the applique. Great idea.


  3. I got the Minky right at Joann's. They have it near some of the specialty baby fabrics - the pre-quilted fabrics. Make sure you use the coupon. I think on sale it tends to be about $10.00 a yard.

  4. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

    Personalized Baby blankets

  5. It looks like you have a gift for creative design. My sister is having a baby soon, and I think that a personalized blanket would be a great gift. She is the first family member of my generation to get pregnant, so it is kind of a big deal. I know my siblings will be judging my present, and I need to knock it out of the park. I'll probably buy it online and say I
    made it myself.

  6. This is much easier to understand than the other similar posts I've read. I want to make one of these for my sister so bad! Her little baby is so cute and she just needs one of these blankets! Such a great idea!

  7. I am a little tight on money this year for christmas so I thought I would make every one a personalized blanket (6 ppl) Absolutely love your idea, your blankets were beautifully made! Thank you!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Jeanine



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