Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Blanket tutorial

I made a bunch of blankets for Christmas.  I believe it was 7 - 7 blankets with names on them.  From that - I had my SIL - actually 2 SIL's ask if they could get blankets.  So here is my first one - done.  I took flannel that was on sale at Joanne's and then Chenille (LOVE this stuff - so super soft!), but so super expensive too.  Get it on sale!

So here is my flannel material.  I bought 2 yards.  I don't use 2 for the blanket - I typically use the excess to cut the name out and sew it on.

This is the Chenille material I bought a whole bolt because during Black Friday it was like 60% off or more - then additional money off my total - so I stocked up.

Now - I am a cheap - no - thrifty crafter!  I make the MOST use out of all my material.  So - how I found to do this - is take soft material - I rolled it off the bold - so it was still folded.  Then I took the flannel the short side - I think it is the 36 in side - or 45 in side.  Lined them up - and cut along the side.  This probably makes no sense. 

This is the side that I cut - it may show it a little better how I make the most of my material. 

Then spread out the whole thing on the floor and get to pining. Put your right sides together - and wrong sides out.  Then check to make sure the rights sides are together - then check one more time.  The reason I say this - I can't tell you how many times I sewed the wrong way!

When you think you are done pining - then pin some more.  Chenille is very slippery.  Pin Pin and Pin some more.

Make sure you leave a gap!  You are going to have to turn it inside out and top stitch.

Then you got it - pin some more - I pinned about ever 2 inches.

Then go to your sewing machine.  I am in a lot - the only reason is my pin job was not the best - and where the white is - is where my flannel started.

When you get to the corner - put your needle down - lift your foot - and then spin your fabric - put the foot down, and start sewing again.  This will give you a tight corner.

I sew this on a straight stitch.

This is reminding you NOT to sew your opening.

Make sure when you are stopping and starting - to reverse stitch to lock the stitch in place so it doesn't unravel.

When you are all done - take your corner

And Trim it!  This makes it less bulky when you turn it right side out.

I then Iron (really quickly to be quite honest with you), the outside of the blanket - so when I top stitch they line up pretty well.  Make sure you push out your corners really well.

Then I put it on the zig zag stitch.

Then I also put it on the width of 5 - the width to the widest so it gives a nice zig zag.


I also pin the opening to make sure when I top stitch over it, it seals well.

Then - get ready to top stitch.  I have the foot follow the outside of the fabric.  Also - make sure you have enough thread!  I have run out before - it is not fun - because I didn't have the color - and didn't want to go back to the store.  Also - make sure your bobbin is filled.  There is nothing like having to stop your top stitch - to re thread - or re-wind your bobbin.

Ahhh - this happened to me so many times - I hate when this happens - I need a new sewing machine.  Or perhaps to clean mine.

Ta-da - it's done!!!!  Nice and soft on both sides - and a huge baby blanket for a baby shower.

You can package it with a nice ribbon - and you are a done - a thrifty baby blanket, handmade with love!  If I can do it - trust me - you can do it - you really only have to know how to sew a straight line.

Sorry if there are typo's - it's super late - and my bed is calling me after a long long day.


  1. Cute blanket!!! Nice packaging idea!!
    Have a great day!!

  2. Love this too - you are so talented! I haven't made one quite as big. I love that white Chenille and I also got it on sale but should have bought more!!!



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