Friday, March 11, 2011

Fix it Friday

I adore I Heart Faces!  They continue to test and help me grow my photography and editing skills!

Here are a few of my edits - I am going to try and get better at explaining what I did (so I can remember too).

For this one - I used an action "Orton Effect with Contrast Kick" - the Color one I played with the levels and curves a bit.  Then I used The Pioneer Womans quick edge burn action, and also the Bring out the Eyes action too.  I think it is nice and soft.

Next I used CoffeeShop's actions - AWESOME - just started playing with them.  I used the "Tea Selections".  I turned off the BW option, and turned on "Green Tea" and Irish Breakfast".
Then I used the Bring out the Eyes action again, and burt the edges.

Lastly I used Sweet Bakery Glazes - "Vibrant Honey Glaze" action - brought out the eyes - and burt the edges a bit. And did a closer crop.

Here is the original


  1. Have you checked out Ashley Sisk's Sunday Scavenger Hunt? I started there. Now I follow about 5 other photography challenges. I love it. I even started another blog just for photography. (I never learned the trick on how to make those links work here). I have buttons on different posts on the different challenges if you are interested.

  2. Nice edits - you used some of my favorite actions :)



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