Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 3 - Thankful - Family

This was an obvious one today.  I am beyond thankful for the beautiful family I have.  I have been spending so much time taking pictures for other people's families - I didn't have any of mine in this beautiful fall weather!  Our favorite time of the year (and the shortest!).  So out we went - with my three legged friend the tripod!  Today my attempt was to also get in front of the camera more.

I am thankful for today - with my beautiful family!


  1. those turned out great!!! I love the one on the swing....and the entire family shot is great!

  2. The full family shot is soooo great! It made me laugh cause it looked like you guys were having so much fun. Such great pictures. Love the fall colors!

  3. Adorable! Great shots and colors. I love that you were in the pics too. Beautiful family!!

  4. Carrie, these are lovely! Great job with the tripod!

  5. Exceptional -- you have to be thrilled with these (I would be).



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