Monday, November 28, 2011

Who gets the last donut?!?

So after church I brought home a dozen donuts.  Mikey ate his first.....then his unsuspecting sister left the table for a second, and then Mikey slide over....look at him eyeing that donut....

Then she comes back - Mikey isn't like her trying to get her donut back.

Ok - fine - she can have it - there is one more left in the box......

He is eyeing it - even takes it out.

Then I tell him no - and he tries to eat it through the top.

But - why can't I have it!

I even got him on video getting the donut out - trying to eat it - so I call the husband in - Mikey's eyes get big - throws it in and starts yelling "I put it back - I put it back"...he is too cute - I think I'll keep him!


  1. LOL! Love that last one. How could you not give in with those eyes pleading like that?

  2. This is so cute! I love the story in images. And your black and white conversions are lovely. Love the sweet faces.

  3. Love the expression in the last cute!

  4. The power of donuts! HA HA. Great photos, his facial expressions are adorable!

  5. I love the sequence! My favourite is the one of him trying to eat the donut through the box. So funny!

  6. What a great series!!!! I love the first and the last one! He will love this when he is older!



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