Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 9 - progress

So to build on yesterday.  I am thankful for progression.  That everyday gives you the opportunity to better yourself.  I was looking at my leaf jumping pictures and remembered last year - so I wanted to see where I was last year.  Pictures speak louder than words sometimes:

Brianna November 2010

Brianna - November 2011

Hayden November 2010

Hayden November 2011

Michael November 2010

Michael November 2011

I am thankful for where I am today - but am just as excited for tomorrow and what it will bring.


  1. What a great comparison and demonstration of how far you have come. Awesome!!

  2. Aw, these bring a smile to my face!!! It is wonderful to see the growth of your children and your growth as a photographer. And they are SO fun!

  3. These are so fun!!!! Your growth in the last year is huge thank you for sharing!

  4. I love these! They loook so fun! Love how you captured the action! Fellow CM

  5. I LOVED this post-what a huge diff!!! :)

  6. That looks so fun! You are doing awesome!

  7. There is such a big difference! Go you! :)



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