Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Glass Etching

The other night it was just me and my oldest daughter at home. I started cleaning my kitchen from dinner. I stopped and looked above my sink.

It was driving me nuts – and it had been for a while. So I started moving over and I saw the glass jars:

I have been wanting to etch them for some time – the etching cream was staring me in the face – literally – it was on the window ledge. And my beloved Gypsy was staring me in the face too – literally – see it right there next to the jars!

So – I said – enough is enough. I went to my gypsy and got to work. I opened a new file – typed the words: Oil, Vinegar, Pasta and Spago (yes Spago – not Spaghetti – not because I struggle spelling it – though – I do – we call it Spago in our house).

Anyways – I digress….

I set to fit in the desired space and I told my daughter we are going to the basement (where we craft). She immediately ran over to her art desk and got a basket of goodies to bring up. By the time she was done – I had the 4 words cut out of green vinyl I probably wouldn’t use again.

Upstairs we went. I opened my jar of etching cream – Hobby Lobby – 40% off!

Then I took some transfer tape. OK – I am cheap – I didn’t buy more transfer tape – I had other $1 vinyl pieces I had got for the kids room – it was on clearance – the top was sticky enough to use to get the green pieces just right on the jars – if you do it by hand – without something to transfer it – it doesn’t work right – you get a lot of air bubbles and it just doesn’t line up right.

Then you just lather the stuff on. The first time I used a brush – and put it on lightly – I am telling you –load the stuff on! You can scrap off the excess and put it back in the jar! That’s right – save as much as you can – reuse – right!!!

OK – note to self – check the container before you apply the label and cream!! Do you see my image – that’s right – it’s the oil label – and that is vinegar inside there! Opps!!!

While all my jars had the cream on it – I got to cleaning the ledge (I have developed quite the multi-tasking ability!)

All clean!

I let it sit for about 5 minutes – ok I did about 8. Scrapped off the excess – rinsed – and then I repeated – I don’t know if it makes a difference – but I feel you get a deeper result.

And here you go!

Now – they look so pretty – my counter is cleaned – and it was a productive night!

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  1. This is brilliant! I can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing ^,^



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