Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's Talk Laundry - Shall We?

Lets talk Laundry shall we!!!! I am airing my dirty laundry - literally :)
It is my nemesis. With me, my husband and three kids - it creates a lot of laundry! I tend to let it get out of control.

Here is my exhibit A and B.

My closet was out of control - to the point where I couldn't find any clothes to wear.
The side of the bed was a catch all for when people came over - you just moved it on the side - where people can't see it.
Tada - it is all cleaned. I need to keep thinking to myself, it's easier to put it away every day instead of all at once - it took an hour to put 3 kids laundry away and our laundry.

And even the side is cleaned. All the clothes are put away. And laundry is done!
So I then went to my laundry room. Threw the only dirty load that was left. And cleaned that pesky shelf!

Here is a random tip. See all those laundry cups. I hated having them leave pesky soap rings everywhere, so I fill it up - and toss the whole cup in the laundry - when it comes out of the washer - it is spotless - and won't leave a soap ring on the shelf! Tada!

And here is one of my favorite things. These are the shelves we put up in the laundry room. Each kid has one - with there first initial on it, and then one for us "adults".

It makes laundry a lot easier - and my washer and dryer tend to stay clean. When I fold the laundry (OK - when I am supposed to fold the laundry), it goes into the designated persons basket. At the end of the week - I take the baskets up and put the clothes away.

Each kid has a laundry basket in there room. I need to get into more of a routine. When I do the kids laundry one person at a time, it makes it SO much easier - no sorting. And - separating lights and darks...yeah - I don't think so! It all goes in one load.

Let's see if I can stick with a schedule...What's today...Thursday. OK -

Thursday - Parents (ha - that's me)
Friday - Towels (maybe I will wash them more frequently)
Saturday - MP & Bedding
Sunday - BL
Monday - HR

That gives me two days off of laundry - I'll take it!

I have to print this - and post it somewhere - let's see if I can stick with it.

So - my random tips:
  1. Throw the entire cup (if using liquid) into the washing machine - cup comes out clean
  2. Have a designated day to do each persons laundry
  3. Try and have laundry sorted by person (keep laundry baskets in there room) Saves time in the long run.
  4. If it isn't dirty - put it right away - once it goes in the laundry basket you have to wash it, dry it, and then put it away - so you are right back from where you started from
  5. If you have room - get baskets for each person - saves you random steps to putting small amounts of clothes away, and keeps your washer and dryer clear of clothes!
Hope this helped you. It helped me get my closet cleaned, floor cleaned, shelf cleaned, and last load of laundry in the dryer (doing that as we speak!)


  1. Laundry will always be a challenge for you.. With five people in the house, and a job.. it still never ends.. when you skip a day or two.. it backs back up.. and just wait until the kids grow.. their clothes grow.. and it gets worse... it is something I have always struggled with.. I am NEVER done with laundry.. it NEVER ends.. I do fold it and sort it at the end of every load.. but it usually sits in the baskets forever!!! But I make that the kids job to put their own laundry away. I hope this works for you.. every year I make a resolution to keep the laundry room cleaned, do laundry everyday and grocery shop every week.. that my friend is another story!!!! Love your blog Carrie.. keep them coming!

  2. Yeah - grocery shopping is a whole other story!!! I can't wait till I can have my kids put there laundry away :) Dreaming - I know :)

  3. Carrie, I've been doing the kids' laundry like that for a while. They each have a hamper in their room and bring it down on Fridays (or Thursdays). Then, I do it, fold it and they take it up and put it away ... soon, yours will be old enough to do put their own away too!



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