Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Shower - Part 5 and Final - DESSERTS!!!

AHHH - Last but NOT least!!!  Dessert!!!!!  Isn't it glorious!  
Let's take a second to just - admire that yumminess.

 I made a banner on the mirror that says "Baby Shower".  Again - my Cricut - and I used...I forgot - I need to get better with remembering these things.
 I think I have pictures of the diaper cake being built - I'll put that in an upcoming post.
 Let's take a closer look.  This little thing cost me about $2.  I took a vase from the $1 store.  Spray painted it, and then took a foam ball from the $1 store - some felt I had, cut it in circles, and pined them on with straight pins - why you ask did I pin them - I was tired of burning my fingers with a glue gun :)
 HEHE - aren't these cute - I had candles in these in my living room.  And from looking at really cool candy buffets!  And thought - OH - I can put candy in these!  So I did - and it looked cute!
 My diaper cake - stay tuned for a tutorial on this.  Any guesses to how many diapers?!?!
 Cake pops!!!!  I used the brownie pop container for my cake pops - I have a picture at the bottom.  I dunked them in white chocolate, and then in chocolate, and covered the chocolate with sprinkles.  I put them in a mason jar with $1 store confetti.

 My other cake stand - remember from the Super Bowl Party and my tiered cake stands posts?  This time with yummy yummy desserts.  There is chocolate covered marshmallows (just the tips!) and then pretzels.

And lastly - it was time consuming - but SO CUTE!!! Cake pop - Baby blocks!!!!  I shaped them into squares.  You will notice that I was using tooth picks to dunk my blocks in chocolate - I am here to tell you it does NOT work - don't waste the tooth picks!  I ended up with a fork and spoon instead :(

Here is how it turned out - I trimmed them with frosting - and it says Dan and Tina Baby Girl.  I wish the picture was better - but - they were good - strawberry!

Here are my cake pops in the brownie pop container.

 And - here is my big FAIL!!! :)  I wanted to make shaped cake pops.  I stuck them in chocolate molds.  That actually worked - word of advice again - use a cooking spray first - they come out MUCH easier!!!

So - I wanted to try something different - I used them with suckers - that worked fine too.

Ready for my fail - I took melted frosting - because when you heat it up - it becomes more liquidy.  So - I heated it up - dunked them all in (which they stayed on there sticks! 

I go to take them out of the fridge - hoping for a hardened cake pop on a stick - guess what folks - frosting does not harden :( they were sticky - I was so sad - because they would have been adorable!  Ug!  Adorable - had they been dipped in chocolate.  Sigh - lesson learned - and hopefully you won't make my mistake!

 But - I can't leave on a fail note!  So let's take one more look at that yummy dessert table!


  1. as always....looks great!!

  2. Looks lovely. Thanks for admitting to your oopses to give hope to the rest of us! I don't think I could pull off something like that, but my sister's bridal shower is coming up in March, so we'll see ;)

  3. Everything on here looks lovely and so well put together!!! Great job :)

  4. Sooo pretty, and everything looks so yummy - including the "Big fail"! I'm sure your honored guest loved it. All your little details added up to a big impact. ;)

    Thanks for linking to this week's party. Be sure to put your thinking cap on for "Funny Faux Pas Follies." I hope to see you linked up there, as well.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  5. That looks great.

  6. Oh my sugary goodness! I love it all. Love truly lived in the details of your party.

    You are so talented and creative! Well done.

  7. Your dessert table is beautiful and all of your desserts look soooo Yummmy!!! I looove your diaper cake centerpiece! I went back and looked at all your other posts about the shower, how fun it all looked! I just did a baby shower for my DIL a couple of weeks ago! I had a rubber ducky theme, if you have a minute, go look at the two posts I did on it!!! So much fun, I did a diaper cake for a center piece too! Thanks for sharing, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  8. you did an amazing job on the shower, all the foods look wonderful, love the cake pops! And of my favorite food groups!

  9. What a fun party! You did a great job! :)


  10. What a lovely table and all the goodies...yum! So happy to have you in the FoodLoversWeb Daily...clap, clap and so well deserved!

  11. Beautiful presentation! The red is divine. Wish I could have seen it in person.

    Warmly, Michelle

  12. Everything looks so yummy!

    Thanks for the heads up on the cake pops and frosting. I'll admit, I've had the same thought a time or two...just never gotten around to trying it.

    Those candle holders are so awesome used as candy jars. It just shows you to look outside the box on everything. You can come up with some amazing ideas.

    Thanks for sharing your party preperations. I love to see how other's do their parties. Everyone always has such a new take on old ideas. It makes parties so much fun!

  13. What an absolutely darling shower! You used such great creativity and all of the little details just make it extra special. Thanks so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday!

  14. Oh yum...what a lovely spread! I love how you were thrifty and made such wonderful decorations. It all came together perfect!

  15. Looks like alot of fun!

  16. Everything looks yummy! You did an amazing job. Hollie

  17. my god, i cannot believe that one can acutally make this wonderful and yummy looking delights, you have done a marvellous job and i just want to eat them by looking at them! too good

  18. Gorgeous, gorgeous...and totally yummy! I love all your sweets, they're so beutifuly decorated, besides all the baking. I love your diper cake, my daughter's cousin made a cake like that with pink for my daughters baby shower. You did an amazing job, this is why I'm your newst follower. Your welcome to visit me this Thursday at the Porch.


  19. Lovely! I'm your newest follower.



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