Thursday, February 17, 2011

A gate for the bottom of our stairs

So - as you may have read - we do have a new addition to our family, so we needed to put a gate up to keep the little monster downstairs, and away from carpets.

Our opening to our stairs is wider than most typical gates are.  Gates tend to be really expensive for the time frame we plan on using this.  So - we went to the garage and figured out a free solution!!!

We took wainscoting - and "trimmed it out".  There is baseboard on the top and bottom - or is it trim - either will work.  The top lines up right with the board, and the top we left about 3 inches so it hits against the wall.  We can even slide it to the left - so we don't have to keep lifting the kids over it when the puppy is in the crate.  Overall it is working pretty well.  The back still has to be painted - but for 90% of the people that walk in the house - what they see is finished.

I would not recommend this as a child solution - it would not protect a child at the top of the stairs or probably even the bottom - but to keep our puppy from going up - it is working perfectly! 

1 comment:

  1. This is great. I needed one of these a few years back. My daughter knocked down one of those (excuse me) crappy gates and went down a flight of stairs. I spent the night in the hospital with her. She was fine. They just wanted to observe to be sure. That gait just gave way like it was nothing!



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