Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sigh....They are back

I found the article below:

And - one by one I added back over 250 comments.  So - I try and look on the positive side on all situations.

  1. I got to re-read all the wonderful comments that I got
  2. I realized I got a lot more comments than I thought - when I had to go back and put them all in
  3. I realized I have some people that comment on a lot of posts - which I so appreciate!
  4. I learned to NEVER go into the comment section and delete - that they actually get deleted from your page!  :( And that is so sad.
So - all of these lessons learned - sadly there won't be another post today - I am far to tired, and it is past my bed time, I just "reposted" my last comment.  So yes they are all posted 2/16 - but they are from there initial posters...sigh - what a long night - good night my friends!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for sharing your tip. I deleted two comments in accident once. Even if you publish first from the email and then accidentally delete from same email they will delete. I would have freaked had I deleted all of them. =)



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