Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Craft Room - Inspiration

Ok - my current craft space is the basement - truth be told - I have taken over ....mmm.... a lot of it - but it is a mess.  If I write it down for all to see - I will do something about it.  I am going to draft up a plan - continue to be inspired - and set out to construct my dream space.  The hard thing is I like to do everything, wood working, paper craft, sewing, general crafts, DIY, gluing, you name it!  So - I need to explore and find the best solution.  Any advice - or inspiring pictures - please let me know!!!

Love how this table has a hole that you just push your garbage into from the top!

I like the middle island on this - storage around - but a clear workspace

What is not to like about the bright and cheeriness of this!

Love the black and white color scheme - this is the type of table I'd like to do.

Love the addition of red with the black and white.

Like the corner look - and office feel.

Nice counter space and storage.

Love the high counter top and bar stool - I think I could make that.

Love the clean organized space.

Need I say more - wow!
That table rolls too!

Love the colors - and that table is super cute!

I think this is the Martha Stewart collection from Home Depot - need I say more!


A cute little touch - I have a ton of baby food jars - and a ton of buttons!
Wanted to look for a kids space too to ad while I am at it.  LOVE this - perfect space for my girls to create.  But - are those scissors to the left there?
Love this for the kids!


  1. I love these as well. This is on my agenda (to decorate and organize my office/craft room). I want to make the Ana White version of the pottery barn table for my room.

    Extreme Personal Measures

  2. Wow! Those are some amazing spaces!!

  3. I'd love to have anyone of those spaces! Thanks for bringing those pictures to me - they've given me lots of ideas! I'm trying to sort my sewing/craft area out, but I'm really limited on space. It's nice to see that it can be done and look awesome too!



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