Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tiered Cake Stand's

I have jumped on the bandwagon - the make your own cake stand bandwagon. There are so many out there in blog land! Skip to my Lou was the first one I saw here. and the other

Here is my take on them. For two of them I hopped on down to Joanne's and got myself some of those Cake Pillars. Shown Here:

Then I went to Target and got some of those cute plates - and started gluing. I use them at my Super Bowl Party to showcase my store bought cookies :) Hey - I can't do everything :)

Then I went to the dollar store and picked up these guys - each one was on $1 - go figure - at the dollar store - only $1! Got Gluing...

And ended up with my vegetable stand - the dip is on top - isn't it cute....Note to self - when you are done - wash immediately - trying to wash that thing - kind of difficult!

Then these - I picked up at my favorite thrift store - well the tray I did - I had the candle sticks on hand. With kids - I don't plan on lighting any candles in the near future - and it was a cute match.

And tada - you have my cheese tray. I bought a couple silverish serving trays - and my mom's suggestion was to just rest the other tray on top - that way you can use it along - or together for a tiered approach - works out great!

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  1. Great Ideas! I just awarded you the versatile blogger award.



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