Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bridal Shower Ideas

OK - my cousin is getting married - so we have a bridal shower and a wedding to plan!!!

So - I was looking at bridal shower themes - there is some AWESOME stuff out there!!!!

If you haven't checked out Hostest with the Mostest - it is a MUST SEE!!

Here are some images of her Silver and Lilac party theme:

OK - here is another - I could spend hours on!  These pictures are amazing - it is another Hostess blog check it out here.  It is amazing.  Check out this theme - it is the 5 senses.  You really have to check out these sites!!!
Check out the sites - the eye candy is amazing!!!
Taste - please I could dive into these amazing foods!

Sounds - playing amazing music

Feel - they have soft cloths:

Oh and smell - besides those amazing foods and flowers to smell.  Oh - and I can smell that wine from here!!!

OK - OH MY CUTENESS!!  She said she was thinking about a Jack and Jill shower - check out thisl LumberJack and Jill couples shower.  These really don't do it enough service - you must check it out!

OK - I really have to go to bed - I am hosting a shower this week and need to get some work done - and rest on top of it.

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  1. Love you blog - i just got the special spot of the 100th follower! :o) Scarlett x



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