Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Family Room - small upgrade

This area still needs a LOT of work - but it's better than it was before.  It went from literally nothing - to at least something there.
 I got frames for 11x14 pictures.  The frames I got on Black Friday at Joann's.  The pictures I had printed when Walgreens had there sale.  I think they were like $7 a piece - not to shabby!!!

The sofa table - was your standard "sauder" I think it is - the fake oak looking one.  I primed and painted it.  I would put something on it - and plan to someday soon - but with the two littlest ones (3 and 15 months), It wouldn't be up there for long!!!

 Here is a close up of the individual pictures - each of my three kids - sorry for the glare - there is a window across from it - and it was sunny.


  1. What sweet pics...love the look you have here.


  2. Oh wow, those are such nice pictures! I wish my sewing space looked like that. Thank you for sharing the pictures.



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